World Wanderer - The Movie

Der Salzburger Filmemacher Martin Hasenöhrl hat mich im Sommer 2009 auf einem Teilstück der Wegkreuzungswanderung durch Italien begleitete und war auch auf der anschließenden Diavortragstourneee in Österreich mit dabei. Daraus ist ein bewegter und inspirierender Dokumentarfilm entstanden.

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Within the flow of life

Within the flow of life

Within the flow of life

"Within the flow of life" is a film about the equilibrium on earth, between nature, mankind, politics and business – a film about how all being is connected. It’s not about waiting for the systems to change but realizing how every individual is a powerful part of it.

As "World Wanderer", Gregor Sieböck walked for three years on foot from his hometown in Austria in the centre of Europe to Tokyo, Japan and further on to New Zealand to demonstrate how to live a simple life in harmony with the planet and with one’s true nature. He now takes us on a phantastic journey to "Patagonia Magica" – one of the last places on earth that to this day exist savagely and untamed in most parts. Ever since his hike around the world he has been longing to go back to that place, where the essence of our planet and of our being can be felt directly. Rapid rivers, numerous fyords, rain forests with Alerce trees up to 3000 years old, wide steppes, the Patagonian Andes with yet unnamed peaks, glaciers that flow into the sea, and more.&xnbsp; We spend a lot of time with the rivers, particularly with the turquoise Río Baker, the river that carries the biggest amount of water in Chile, and with the people that live alongside it. The Río Baker – now flowing freely and untamed – and the wilderness surrounding it are soon to be destroyed.

The Chilean government claims that the pursued economic growth of the country will require more electrical energy than what is available at the moment. Therefore, the company Hydroaysén, owned by the European enterprises Enel and Endesa among others, is planning to build 5 mega dams in the Río Baker and the Río Pascua to start with.

In order to understand the consequences of political and economic measures taken on a day-to-day basis this film doesn’t want to judge but show the complex connections of our globalised consumption society, in which stimulating material growth and financial wealth seem to be the only answers of politicians and entrepreneurs to panic-fuelled crisis-reports.

Taking the indescribable beauty of the untamed wilderness in Chilean Patagonia as an example and the lives of a few people that have chosen their own personal path to live a life in harmony with nature and their own personal needs and wishes, Within the Flow of Life talks about a paradigm shift that our society needs so urgently.

When aware of the connections between human well-being, nature, and economic and political development we will be able to take decisions in line with our intuition and common sense, remembering a long forgotten consciousness and integrating it once again in our daily lifes.


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